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About Us – The PCC is saving Alabama land through conservation easements and fee simple donations, land stewardship, valuing ecosystem services, carbon sequestration, and conservation biology. We have the in-house capacity and technology to complete ALL the conservation services necessary for timely execution of a conservation project.

Saving Land – We’re saving the world one small piece of land at a time. The Pelican Coast Conservancy has successfully conserved over 100,000 acres through conservation easements and fee simple donation (one of the most current tools in our arsenal which includes timber management plans and carbon sequestration validation and verification).

News & Events – The PCC’s latest conservation projects, workshops, lectures and events in Alabama.

Our Latest Project – in 2018 Pelican Coast Conservancy’s Robert Keller proposed adding features to the park to attract birds and birdwatchers, walkers and hikers, and the families, all while discouraging unwanted activities. One such project is the construction of Chimney Swift Towers.

Contact Us – Contact Pelican Coast Conservancy, dedicated to providing solutions for conservation.